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Sr Cyber Security Analyst (CSIRT)



Posted on Monday, June 26, 2023
We are looking for a qualified Information Cyber Security Analyst (CSIRT) to work with the team in the role of investigating, analyzing, researching and responding to incidents.
Suggest improvements, create documentation of playbooks, runbooks and use cases.
Have ability to identify and classify key threats targeted at the business in order to take preventive measures and improve the detection and response process.

Your responsibilities will be:
  • Manage Incident Response Plans;
  • Develop strategies for threat detection;
  • Build mechanisms to automate incident response activities;
  • Thorough analysis of incidents, in order to do threat hunting;
  • Follow-up and treatment of Threat Intelligence cases;
  • Performing the construction and improvement of Playbooks;
  • Assemble and direct WAR ROOM actions to contain incidents
  • Conduct technical assessments of new cyber threats, such as attack tools, TTP, exploits, malware, etc.
  • Provides the necessary technical support for cyber incident response investigations, including containment, eradication and remediation activities from initiation to conclusion with continuous monitoring.
  • Update and adapt incident response manuals to address the use cases that are part of the CSIRT scope.
  • Maintain technical and executive communication for the opening, follow-up and closing of any security incident.
  • Experience in the Incident Response area;
  • Experience with script development and automation tools, with a focus on incident response;
  • Experience in documenting/ creating reports with details about the incidents;
  • Knowledge in handling vulnerabilities using CVE, CVSS, Exploits, etc;
  • Have knowledge in SIEM & SOAR tools;
  • Solid knowledge in security frameworks such as Nist, Mitre, CIS, Kill Chain, etc;
  • Experience investigating security incidents involving malware, data leakage and other artifacts;
  • Knowledge in threat intelligence process;
  • Malicious software, Phishing and malicious URLs analysis;
  • Advanced log analysis;
  • Develop, monitor and update metrics related to the progress of activities and their effectiveness, using the actions taken, in order to monitor results and propose improvements in processes;
  • Develop research in information security, using reference materials or tools in the market, looking to constantly raise the level of maturity of information security throughout the company;
  • Excellent communication skills;


  • A background working in a regulated industry such as financial services;
  • Experience with Amazon Web Services;
  • AWS Cloud Security Certification;
  • Certifications in the security field will be a plus.
  • Knowledge in Networking (CCNA certificate preferred).
  • Knowledge in Python or similar languages.
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The use of your Data

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