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1DOC3 is a e-health platform that connects 490 million of Spanish speaking people with licensed and trusted doctors. Users find personalized answers to their health related questions. Doctors build their online reputation, find new patients and create the biggest health related questions and answers curated database in Spanish. The Platform is available via web, App, SMS and USSD, allowing the entire population to have access to a Doctor no matter where they are, or even if they don't have internet access.
Aervio is a new concept business travel platform, integrating artificial intelligence technology and new generation services to provide an intuitive and streamlined travel management system. Designed for everyone in the travel process, from our own team of Aervio Consultants to the travel managers and travellers themselves, the Aervio platform is a completely customisable dashboard equipped with innovative tools to manage and synchronise all aspects of travel. Keeping everyone connected, every step of the way. Our goal at Aervio is to deliver a seamless travel experience, so businesses can simply focus on business.
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Aidaly is financial technology startup that helps family caregivers unlock billions in financial benefits incl. tax credits, insurance benefits, and government programs to smooth financial shocks, increase household income, and extend the time care is received in the home. Aidaly partners to provide training and credentialing, financial coaching, and a peer-led community to address caregiver isolation and burnout.
AMGI Studios is an independent animation technology company that lives in the intersection of animation and gaming. We develop and produce traditional entertainment and Web3 native properties, through the use of proprietary technology, and innovations in real-time animation. Our vision is simple - to empower dreamers and doers to make groundbreaking animated art by merging artistry and technology.
Barkibu also has the BIU (Barkibu Intelligence Unit) business unit, which is where we develop tools and products that can help brands and retailers better understand their customers (owners and pets). A better analysis and a better detection of customer insights, make this more satisfied and therefore sales and margins grow.
Base is a data-science app that bringing the labs right to the consumer and giving them convenient, accessible, and potentially life-changing solutions to managing their health through our app. Base is health tracking you can take on the go.
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Nobody likes wasting their time and filling out boring forms! Create audio surveys where people respond with voice recordings. The Beams AI aggregates millions of responses and turns them into unique insights.
belo is a digital wallet that allows users to transfer Argentine pesos and cryptocurrencies, and the money grows in value every day. It aims to build a bridge between pesos and cryptocurrencies, making cryptos a daily experience in a simple and intuitive way.
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Bfore.AI is a predictive Cyber Threat Intelligence and Digital Assets Protection that develops cybersecurity to a preventive posture, leaving detection and response where it can't be done otherwise.
Boatsetter is where unforgettable on-the-water experiences start. Round up your crew and set sail throughout North America, the Caribbean and the Mediterranean. Go island-hopping, party at the sandbar, go wakeboarding, catch some fish, have a romantic evening, or spend weeks sailing around paradise. We have on-the-water experiences for every taste, every budget, from feet-up, cocktail-in-hand captained cruises for to-be, wannabe to at-the-helm, wind-in your hair adventures for seasoned boaters. Boatsetter is a way of life, to enjoy a better, and more sustainable experience on-the-water, we are changing the boating industry and the world, one trip on the water, at a time.
Boba Network is an EVM-equivalent hybrid computing platform built on an optimistic rollup architecture, helping developers build more feature-rich apps by enabling smart contracts to leverage complex off-chain computations or bring in off-chain data. Boba offers one of the easiest to use blockchain platforms for end-users through their multi-token on-ramp, fast exit, and NFT bridge.
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Boopos is a lending platform that offers flexible financing for acquiring small businesses. The platform allows anyone to buy a company through a simple online process and explore pre-approved opportunities in partnership with business brokers.